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Laughter Yoga 101

Melanie R. Rudolph, M.A., M.A., CHES

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Place - Louisville, KY, USA

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Louisville Laughter Yoga Wellness Club

Home Business Services Corporate Seminars

Corporate Seminar

Introductory Experiential Seminar

Duration: 60-90 Minutes
Target Audience: Managers, executives and staff at all levels
Group size: 20 – 120 members.

Based on Dr. Kataria’s worldwide experience of conducting corporate seminars, most companies are interested to understand and experience the new phenomenon of Laughter Yoga. This 90 minute seminar will entail the following:

• History, concept and philosophy of Laughter Yoga.
• An audiovisual presentation about international Laughter Yoga clubs, scientific research on Laughter Yoga and news clips.
• Laughter Yoga session followed by laughter meditation and guided relaxation.
• Corporate benefits of Laughter Yoga along with health benefits and how one can add more laughter in their personal life, business life and social life.

What Will People Carry Home

Laughter Yoga is not about theory; it is an experiential program and the participants will carry home the following:

• They will understand the value of laughter as an exercise and will experience enhanced energy levels from the very first session. It will keep them cheerful and fit right throughout the day. They will also learn to laugh without any reason and will be able to practice Laughter Yoga exercises anytime anywhere.
• They will learn how to change their mood state within minutes by doing these laughter exercises thereby bringing a change in their attitude towards others. This will also help them to cope with difficult and challenging situations with a positive frame of mind.
• Laughter Yoga exercises will help them to release negative emotions and bring about an emotional balance for better relationships with colleagues in the workplace and with family at home.
• After experiencing the benefits during the workshop they will get an insight on how to apply this wisdom of Laughter Yoga to bring more laughter and joy in their workplace.

Ice – Breaker Session
Duration: 15 – 20 Minutes
Target Audience: Ideally suited for long drawn HR and other training programs attended by senior and middle management
Group size: 50 – 150 or more.

This short laughter program is an ideal start to conferences and seminars.

• To kick start a good mood and change the state of mind before conferences and seminars.
• To energize the participants right from the start. This is followed by 5 minutes of energy boosting sessions every 2 – 3 hours.
• To help increase attention spans during long training sessions and improve efficiency and performance.


Stress Buster Session
Duration: 3 Hours
Target audience: Highly stressed CEOs, senior managers and executives.

• To focus on different stressors in the workplace and how Laughter Yoga helps to alleviate them.
• To reduce physical, mental and emotional stress.
• To release the negative affects of stress in the body and mind and improve personal and group responses.
• To provide training to prepare for stressful situations using ‘Laughter Boosting’ techniques.

Team Building Seminar
Duration: 3hours
Target audience: Executives, managers and supervisors dealing with groups.

• Focuses on developing emotional intelligence through group laughter.
• To improve group dynamics and performance.
• To convert disparate groups (from different cultures and backgrounds) into a caring, sharing and cooperative team.

Peak Performance Seminar

Duration: 3 Hours
Target Audience: Highly stressed executives, senior managers and CEOs
Group size: 20 – 50 members.

• Will focus on how to boost your energy on demand for peak performance.
• To change the state of mind and create a positive outlook to help increase efficiency levels and maximize performance.
• To help prepare for stressful situations like interviews, exams, public speaking and important project presentations.

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