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Laughter Yoga 101

Melanie R. Rudolph, M.A., M.A., CHES

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Place - Louisville, KY, USA

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Louisville Laughter Yoga Wellness Club

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Events & Trainings


Date: August 6-7, 2011

Time: 8:30pm-5:00pm each day

The Venue and Accommodation :

Exhale Studios
234 E. Main Street
Richmond, KY 40475
(859) 312-7047

Cost: $ 295, payable by check made out to: Melanie Rudolph, payment due at time of registration to Exhale Studios.

Led by Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher:

Melanie R. Rudolph, M.A., M.A.

To Register or Questions, Contact Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Are you stressed, sad and depressed? Do you want to add more laughter & joy in your life? Laughter Yoga is the latest Health Craze sweeping the world where anyone can laugh without any reason. It is truly a life changing experience for millions. Do you want to become a certified Laughter Yoga leader and start a Laughter Club and lead the sessions in companies & corporations, yoga & fitness... centers, schools, senior centers and offer public seminars?

2-Day Intensive Training Course

After successful completion of this course you are qualified as a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL), an internationally recognized qualification. You can lead Laughter Yoga sessions in social clubs, yoga & fitness centers, schools, seniors and in the corporate workplace and offer public seminars.

  • Learn the physical, mental & emotional benefits of laughter
  • Learn how to laugh without humor and how to teach others to do so
  • Learn the history of Laughter Yoga
  • Learn about Starting & running laughter clubs
  • Learn how to market your services Techniques for special groups (children, seniors and more)
  • Learn Laughter Boosting techniques How to laugh alone

Anyone who is committed to spreading Laughter Yoga will benefit from this training.

It will be of special interest to:

  • Yoga and fitness teachers
  • HR and management training professionals
  • Health care professionals
  • Teachers and sports coaches
  • Psychologists and psychiatrists
  • Entertainment professionals
  • Senior care workers
  • Marriage and family therapists
  • Life coaches and alternative therapists
  • Sales managers
  • Tourism professionals & tour guides

What You Will Receive:

A Training Manual.

A "Certified Laughter Yoga Leader" certificate During the course, you will learn how to lead a group of people through Stimulated Laughter Yoga Techniques developed by Dr Kataria, and skills of converting stimulated laughter into real infectious and spontaneous laughter WITHOUT USING JOKES, COMEDY OR HUMOR. You will be given an opportunity to lead Laughter Sessions during practice sessions.

You will also learn a powerful technique of real and deeper "Laughter Meditation", where you do not have to make any effort to laugh, and the laughter flows out of you like a fountain. This is a very profound experience, and you will feel the laughter coming out of your heart and soul, without using a single joke.

You will watch video presentations on Laughter Yoga, and learn about the experience of Laughter Yoga in public parks, companies and corporations, schools for visually challenged persons, deaf and mute children, prisoners etc.

You will also learn how to do laughter yoga all by yourself.

PLEASE BRING WITH YOU A notebook for taking occasional notes.

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